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    This module is in the development process and currently not available for sale
  • Doctors' schedule (patient appointments, planned absences, etc.)
  • Patient/correspondent directories
  • Carte Vitale (health card) data recovery with INS-C calculation
  • Input consultations (medical record/vital signs/prescriptions/general consultation form/payment with cashbook)
  • Input procedures and diagnoses
  • Planned hospitalizations
  • Manage the doctor's operating schedule
  • Real time retrieval of information from other professionals (laboratory, radiology, anatomic pathology), interface with CCAM capture software (CEGI / CORA)
  • Add external documents and generate correspondence
  • Correspondence aid (configurable letter template, dictionary of correspondence)
  • Accreditation of secretaries to one or more doctor(s)
  • Homonym management
  • Document sharing (risks/benefits sheets, operative procedure reports, letters of discharge, etc.)
  • Medical monitoring of hospitalized patients
  • Prescription of medication and examinations
  • Protocols
  • Vaccination follow-up
  • Medical record sharing between different modules

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