WebUrgences: emergency department management  WebUrgences: emergency department management

gestion informatique activité anesthésiste
  • Add consultations with priority level, reason for recourse
  • Occupation and wait time management
  • Patient's geographic location
  • Input consultations (medical record, specific emergency forms, monitoring, prescriptions, IDE (RN or Registered Nurse) transmissions, input treatments, specialist's opinions)
  • Burn/wound sheet
  • Patient/correspondent directories + homonym management
  • Carte Vitale (health card) data recovery with INS-C calculation
  • Orientation management (transfers, discharge home, hospitalization with WebDPI record integration)
  • Generate RPU (Emergency Passage Summaries)
  • Add external documents and generate correspondence
  • Correspondence generator (configurable letter template, dictionary of correspondence, recovery of medical data input during consultations)
  • Automatic recovery of external data (lab results/transfusion record)
  • Input CCAM NGAP procedures and diagnoses
  • Vaccination follow-up
  • Medical record sharing between different modules

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