WebStocks: management of medication, IMD (Implantable Medical Devices), etc.  WebStocks: management of medication, IMD (Implantable Medical Devices), etc.

  • Manage medication, IMD, MDS (traceability) stocks.
  • Manage the provision of services
  • Dynamic dashboard: allows for a variety of consultations, in real time, item status report.
  • Messages indicating: products on the verge of expiry, orders pending delivery, products having reached the min. threshold, requisitions for the provision of services, deliveries pending billing, etc.
  • Configurable & shareable dynamic notepad
  • ATC, EDI CAHPP, and/or internal code.
  • Re-billable IMD and chemotherapy drug management.
  • Multi-supplier and supplier code by product.
  • Management of product agreements: price for defined period
  • Management of purchase agreements: discount on given amount.
  • Inventory management
  • Interfaces with Accounting and WebDPI
  • Pre-ordering and advanced purchasing management, generation of automatic orders.
  • Management of expired products and returns
  • Send to stores: management of exceptions
  • Statistics and configurable queries on drug consumption, IMD placements, etc.

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