The software for all hospitals, clinics and health-care premises  The software for all hospitals, clinics and health-care premises

WebDPI, which is the core module, handles all patients’ information and health-care records throughout the patient’s stay:

1/ Patient’s administrative folder
Patient’s social security and insurance records (with "Carte vitale" reading)
Patient’s responsibility agreement documents (anaesthesia, surgery, …)
Patient’s benefits/risks information document

2/ Patient’s health-care folder
Nursing staff transmission panel
Patients’ previous stays history
Health-care protocols management
Constants recording and graphic visualization
(Temperature, pulse, blood pressure...)
Paramedical staff targeted transmissions
Medical and physiotherapist daily follow up
Nursing staff daily follow up

3/ Patient’s surgery folder
Anaesthetics’ records (pre, per & post op)
Data collection from anaesthetics’ monitoring machines as Nihon-Kohden scopes
Surgery information records
Interfaced with the codification & pricing administrative software

4/ Patient’s medication folder
In-house therapeutic notebook
(Linked to "Vidal, Thieraque" medicine databases)
Medicine prescription data entry and validation
Live drug interaction checking
Planning & follow up of drugs administration
(Optional alert on delayed events by SMS/e-mail)

5/ Patient’s examination folder (laboratories, radiology, surgery organic test...)
Prescriptions data entry and validation (encrypted connection with the laboratory)
Results are automatically collected and displayed
Easy access and visualization of scanner/IRM images

The few paper documents that remain are scanned in pdf format and attached to the patient’s folder.

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