Benefits  Benefits

The software for all hospitals, clinics and health-care premises

Additional benefits:

Full traceability of all physician acts and medical care
Error free patient identification by bar-code bracelet
Instant access to patient data for all previous stays
Medical and administrative information is instantaneously available to all authorized users within the establishment
Auto check of medicine interactions by live links to the main pharmaceutical databases on the market
Easily interconnected with professional software used in some departments
Forms can easily be modified or added to fit with the service needs
Audio reports easily exported and used (mpg format)
Health-care protocols validated by the physicians are exactly applied
Patient data can be accessed from the surgeons home through Internet
Statistical module integrated. More requests can easily be added to fit local demand
Low size backups: 17000 health-care files fits in less that 10G°

Advantages for the users?

All modules are used like a classic Internet website with simple link selection
Sounds familiar to Internet users
All links and button are documented for an easy handling
Quick and obvious access to all needed information
Personnels are winning time & feel secured by the recording of all acts.

Experience shows that most users are fully operational after two training sessions of an hour and a half each plus an additional five days of use of the software.
Self training videos are available for all services to easily integrate new & part time personnel

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